When I Feel Frustrated!

         When I feel frustrated, I usually like to run and listen to my Ipod. I usually listen to songs that are extremely loud. They seem to take all of the anger and frustration out of me which is always a good thing in my opinion. Sometimes running does not always help or elliminate all of the pent up anger in my system so after I have run for a mile, I like to start lifting weights, doing sit ups, and doing  jumping jacks and then sometimes even run again. This just exhausts me to the maximum and it helps me calm down.

          Things that frustrate me are lots of weird and random things. It can just be something little that all of a sudden just upsets me and I just hold it in. Eventually, all the little things that piss me off are going to accumulate until I will just be so frustrated and I do not want to start yelling at my mom or my dad, or any body actually. So I usually try not to talk to anybody and I just go down into our basement and start running and my family knows not to mess with me and pester me at this time.

           These frustrations in my life take a while to accumulate though, so they are few and far between eachother. I really was glad when I finally found a good way to elliminate stress and anger in my life in a way that is actually good for my body physically, mentally, and emotionally too.


          So the article was basically telling me that the social networks on the web are used for many things. They can be used to creep on people or they can be used to figure out what your employees are doing when they are not around you. I cannot believe that people who are thinking about hiring a person can go onto facebook and see if this person trashed his or her old job or if they have bad habits such as; heavy drinking, drugs or any kind of habits that would be inappropriate for the work that they would be doing. Child molestors can look up girls on social networks too and they can figure out what they like and what they do on the weekends or just what they do in general.

          I never realized the social networks were used for figuring out what employees you want to hire. I guess I do not go on Facebook, or any social networks really. I think that this is creepy. I really want to go home and delete my account on Facebook now, but since I never really go on it probably will not. I know that I do not have any personal information on there either. To tell you the truth I do not go on it and I do not really know how to do much on it, and I am 100% okay with that.

         I did realize that bad things can happen on Facebook but I did not realize that it can get to be that bad. I did not realize that your bosses could look you up and see what you are doing and if you are lying to them on “sick” days. It really is in their right to look you up on Facebook but it just does not seem right taht they do not have enough trust in you to believe you when you say that you are sick, unless of course you give them the right to not believe you by loosing that trust by doing something that breaks that trust with your employer.

            It really creeps me out that at any moment a person could be looking at my profile and thinking about what they could do to me to hurt me in any way. They are all creeps who should be put into prison. I did realize that people stalk people and they really look at what the peoble are doing every day, but I guess I just never realized that it is a way to actually stalk and watch people and figure out what people are doing at any given second. I think that is just wrong.

           I really do like the fact that you can decline people who invite you to be thier friend though, because this gives you the freedom to do with it as you wish. I like the fact that you have control about what gets on Facebook too, so I don’t really put much on it. People who know me, and want to know me can get to know me by talking to me face to face.

My Top 5 Books or Series!!!!

 I really enjoy reading these are just a few of the books that I love to read!! They are not in order though!!

1) the Twilight series (the vampire series)

2)Ransom (happens in the 1100’s and it is in the Highlands of Scotland)

3)The Bride (happen in the late 1100’s too and it is in the Highlands of Scotland)

4) Take One, Take Two, Take Three, and Take Four (they are a series written by Karen Kingsbury)

5)Honor’s Pledge,  Honor’s Price, Honor’s Quest, Honor’s Disguise, Honor’s Reward (written by Kristen Heitzmann)


I figured out the perfect song out for Twilight Hot N’ Cold by Katy Perry

http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/search/songs/?query=Hot n’ cold Katy Perry


Iowa Life!!!

         If you were to come to Iowa. You would definitely want to hit the more rural areas. You would like to see some of the really small and unique towns out there. If you are not a fan of looking for little towns that you could miss, well then you might want to go to Des Moines. They are quite busy and they have a botanical gardens that is really cool. We have a gold dome too. It is really neat. It all depends on what kind of experience you are going for. If you want modern go to a city, if you want a slower paced time come to the little towns that are unique and every one who lives there know pretty much every one.


Scotland and New Zealand!!

       I have heard that Scotland is a very beautiful place, and it is mountainous and treacherous in places. Is that true? I would love to be able to visit there someday and look and see if it is as beautiful as a I hear. Are there castles there. The books I have read say that there was castles and that they were really sturdy and could withstand battles between clans. Is that true, because if it is that is really amazing!

          I have a really ditsy question for you, Where is exactly is New Zealand? I know that is probably one of the more stupid questions you have encountered, but I think I know where it is but I just want to make sure! What is the weather like there? Do you have kangaroos, wallabees, and koalas there, if there is that is really awesome. Are their poisonous snakes there, because if I am thinking right there are, and all I have to say to that is EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!! and SCARY BUSINESS!!!!!


What I am going to do after High School!

          My plans for the future as of right now are to go to Le Mar’s Beauty School. I will be going there for 13 months. They will teach me how to do hair, like styling, coloring, cutting, and perming. I can’t wait. I love doing hair and I think that it will be good for me.

           I will be driving there every day, so that I do not need to pay rent out there. Since it is only about a half an hour away from my house it should be ok. I am kind of worried about having to drive in the winter though because of the snow. I hate driving in bad conditions.

          After that 13 months I plan on working for a year or two to get some money and then going back to college. This time I will be going to a college in Sioux Falls. I will be going for Massage Therapy. That is if all my plans come together. You never know what will happen. =)

          Right now I am looking for a car to buy so that I will not have to worry about that during college and I will have a car that I can depend on in the winter. As I said before, snow is the enemy. I have had too many close calls with the snow that piles up all over town.

         I am really looking forward to the college experience and I am dreading it because I never like anything to change, but after awhile I should be okay. I just worry about that kind of thing a lot. Can’t wait to graduate though! L.W. (Lord Willing)

        What are you going to be doing after school? I would really like to know. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!!!

Why people should visit my blog?

         I think that people would enjoy my blog if they like music, and animals. I sometimes have a weird with words. I think that my blog is interesting and it says a lotabout me too. I think that most peopel would enjoy it even if it is different than other peoples’ blogs.

        In my opinion I think that different is interesting and it is a lot more fun than being the same, being the same is just boring. So I think that people would enjoy reading and visiting my blog.


What I Do On Online!

             When I go online (which is not so much) I usually just go on You Tube and listen to music or watch movies, or I go on Grooveshark and listen to music there. I really like to do this because I really enjoy music. It always helps me get through the good and the bad in my life. I always turn to music when I am down to get me into a better mood.

           I also go online when I am going to be looking up information for my parents because they are not so Internet savvy. I somethimes have to look up recipes for my mom for various foods.

           For my dad I have to look up stuff rarely, but if I do I have to look up anything it is usually just to look up ebay auctions, to see if he won or if he lost, but that happens pretty rarely.

           I have to do research papers also on the computer which is okay as long as I always find credible sights to work off of. I usually don’t like doing this because it takes alot of time and work and you sometimes have to be Internet savvy which unless it tells me word for word and step by step what to do, I am not so Internet savvy.

           So basically I get by, but I am not so good at the technical and mechanical things in the world, like ipod touches, iphones, and blackberry’s, etc. They just totally confuse me.